Monday, January 15, 2007

We have Pee Pee

Aidan has been doing so great with going pee on the potty. We just started asking him about 2 weeks ago and he would say no or go to the bathroom. Really the only time he would go was at nap time or bed time. I think because he got to stay up later. But now he is a pro at it. He still isn't saying that he has to go. But every 30mins. I ask him and we go to the potty and he pee's EVERY time!!! Oh and on Sunday morning Joe took him to the bathroom and he was trying really hard to go and he went #2. He looked down at it and then at us like "umm I don't know if I was to do that". It was so funny! He really likes going and sings "we did it we did" after he's gone. Oh and I already have my boy trained on putting the lid down. Even though he is sitting down when he goes to the bathroom he then gets down flushed the toliet and says "bye pee pee" and waves at it. Then he puts the lid down and washes his hands! So people it looks like he WILL be potty trained by the time the new one arrives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Belly Pictures

I thought that I should add some belly pics now. I say now because at least I look preggo and not just fat. These were taken today and I'm 23 weeks. We are now down to just 4 months left!!