Friday, March 28, 2008

Alex Casy Baby

I have just come across this web-site. And would you know it they just turned 1!!!! To celebrate, they've added some new products, such as the Cotton Sleep Sacks, and a Sibs and Mommies line, those are just a couple. Everything on here is so sticking cute! Until April 4th you can save 15% by entering "anni" at the checkout! Go there now and you won't be able to leave without buying something its all so cute!!!!!

And this is a MUST have for all nursing mom's! Way better than those dingy black, vinly ones you can get at the store! Wish I had found this site before my daughter gave up nursing!!!

Go NOW what are you waiting for? You'll miss out on the savings if you don't do it soon!

Kids, Kids, and more about my Kids

Ok so I have a son who turned 3 in Oct. And I have a daughter who was born in May. Which by the way I can't believe she's only be to a year old in 2 months. Where has the time gone? Aidan who truely lives up to the meaning of his name (little fire) is just the sweetest boy ever. Always on the go always into stuff. ALWAYS talking, before you couldn't understand him at least now, well 98% of the time I know what he's saying. I swear this boy could run around in circles for 10 hours and still have the energy to do it for 10 more. AWW but at last he is sleeping peacfully next to me in my bed. Not an ideal place for him to be sleeping,(daddy will move him when he gets home!) But asleep, so I'll take it. Kayleigh, who is starting to get a diva temperment is just so cute who could care? I could :), she is very sweet, very loving, but knows what and when she wants something. And she know's how to get it, stand at my feet and scream bloody murder until I can't take it anymore and give in. All the while she has a smile on her face. She's the one who's going to give me the "real" trouble I have a feeling. She too is sleeping right now. HOW else do you think I'm on here typing this out? They both love each other, along with hating one another but they are brother and sister thats just how it works. I really can't see one being complete without the other anymore. I cryed the night I went into the hospital to have Kayleigh. Thinking poor poor Aidan his life will never be the same. Well it hasn't but I think its changed for the best. He'll always have a partner in crime, a best friend, and someone to pick on. While Kayleigh has never known life with out her brother she'll have someone to look up to and protect her from boys!!!

Well enough mushy stuff about my kids. I'll let you get one and look at them now:)

These pics are just so later in life my kids can hate me for putting them on the internet (insert evil mommy laughter)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Aidan and School

Aidan has been doing wonderful in school! He loves all his friends and loves his teacher. I have helped out with the few parties they have for the holidays. And can see how much he enjoy's being there. His speach has grown leaps and bounds since he's started. Some things he's picked up from the other kids I don't like. But I guess I might as well get use to it now, as thats what I have to look foward to for the next 15 plus years.

Aidan playing a ball toss game

Musical Hearts

Snack time

Going to Auntie Erica's

Well I along with both kids went and saw my sister Erica and her kids in North Carolina in Jan. After 15 hours of travel, by plane and delays and then a car ride we arrived. We had so much fun and Aidan and Connor played and fought the whole time. Erica and I didn't even really get to sit around and talk that much. Having 4 kids and 2 adults means busy moms. Bailie is has grown up even more with the last few months. And Aidan just loves her to death! Aidan had a BLAST playing with their little dog. At first he wasn't so sure about it, and ran away from him. But by the end he was wanting to take him home with us. Thanks Erica he's now asking for a puppy all the time. How sad is it that we didn't really get any pictures at all. Just a few here and there. I don't think we got any of Aidan and Connor, they were to busy laughing and trying to share toys. Which is something neither one of them has to do often, poor kids LOL. Considering the time it took us to get there both kids were wonderful. It was Aidan's second time flying and Kayleigh's first. I only got like one or two shots of us on the plane. I sat next to someone who wasn't helpful in the least. So I thought I shouldn't even ask him to take a picture. And after I tried to take pictures of all three of us and he didn't offer I knew he didn't want to help me out. Our trip back was MUCH faster and again the kids were angels!
I'll add the few pictures that I do have later.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Christmas 2007

Ok so this is beyond late. SORRY
Here are some christmas pictures from 2007. Aidan's 4th Christmas and Kayleigh's 1st. He had a blast and was ALL about santa and presents. And Kayleigh had fun playing in the wrapping paper. Joe got a nice new 42" t.v. and I got a new ipod along with both of us getting little things here and there.
Kayleigh playing with her new toy.

Mommy I see "Ice Age"

Opening presents is hard work!

I can do this!!!

Sneaking cookies at Great Grandma's house

Yeah Presents!

Kayleigh looks impressed LOL
What do we have here?
No sissy you can't have the cookies


So cute!
OMG look at all these presents Santa left!
HO HO HO Merry Christmas!