Monday, June 30, 2008

You could win!!!

I'm proof of that. I have just won a Leave Me B, shirt from Heather over at A Daycare Life. This shirt will be going to my best friend who is due in October with her first child. Thank you Heather!!!
And she's at it again with ANOTHER giveaway!! This giveaway is for a that child who has an addiction to pacis from Personalized Pacifiers. Head on over to A Daycare Life to enter!
Give away ends July 19th 2008 at 11:59pm

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Photo Hunt

The theme of this week's is BRIGHT!

His future is so bright he's got to wear shades (and goggles). This is from when we were on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland

New House

So we went and picked up our jacuzzi tub today. UMM it is larger than the bed of our truck. I can't wait to try it out. Which won't be until end of July I'm sure :( But hey we are getting closer to getting stuff done with the new house. HOWEVER, we still have tons to do. The work on the kitchen should start sometime next week (lets hope). We are really waiting for our kitchen to be done to move in to. I don't cook a ton but I have to have a sink and dishwasher at least LOL. We also ordered the bathroom vanity, mirror, towel cabinet and vanity top. We found the fridge, dishwasher and, microwave we want. We had to leave the story because hubby had to go to work. So we will be spending more gas tomorrow to go up and purchase those items and bringing them home! OH then I am really looking forward to going furniture shopping. We are getting all new living room furniture! And then I have to fill a room that I have no idea what the purpose of that room will be LOL. I mean its off the entry way but its large so its not like I have just put a bench in it. Hubby wants to get a large fish tank and put it in there. So that will at least take up one wall. It is just getting closer and closer to the time that we can move in and it really feel like our home. Then comes the task of selling the home we live in right now. Shouldn't be too hard, there's really nothing in the town that is the price range of this house. Plus I'm sure many people will be looking for new homes because of the flooding. Which by the way is starting to come down!!!!! I know there are people who won't be back to their homes for many months and it breaks my heart. I just hope that they were able to save things like pictures, those types of things that can't ever be replaced. Please keep all those people in your heart during this time!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

MMM Peanut Butter

So remember how I was talking about some great peanut butter giveaway? Well I won!!! And let me tell you that it is SO SO SO good! P.B. Loco Peanut Butter is just awesome! I got the Peanut Butter with Caramel Chunk, Peanut Butter with Dark Chocolate Duo, Peanut Butter with Raspberry White Chocolate. And let me tell you I don't want to share it with my kids LOL. So heres a huge shout out to Tanya over at Mommy Goggles (!!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who said diaper wipes can't be cute?

Certainly not the people at Tick-A-Too have the cutiest traveling diaper cases! AND Natalie from State of Confusion is giving one Designer Traveling Diaper Case away!!!!
Head on over to and see how you can enter to win!!!
SB Couture Camo Wipe Case

SB Couture Princess Poof Wipe Case

WW- Water

These are the view 4 blocks from my house as of Sunday morning. The water has gone down even more than this. It was higher before I took these pics

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ten on Tuesday "10 inventions that have made life easier."
I am trying to do items that have made my life easier not just in general
1. Cell Phone
2. Remote Car Locks/Unlocks
3. Internet
4. Digital Camera
5. Dishwasher
6. Microwaves
7. Debt Cards that can be used easier than cash
8. Being able to pay for gas right at the pump
9. ATM
10. Vending Machines for just about everything! I bought face wash out of one the other day

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm back

OK so If anyone wondered where in the world I went, I went out to Maryland for my sister's wedding. We drove there (from Iowa) since flying would have cost us WAY more and that way we got to do so much more along the way. The kids were great little travlers we only had a couple times where Kayleigh was just DONE with being in the car. Aidan was fine as we have a DVD in the car for him. I will be updating little by little because trying to do it all at once will just be too much. I have to go back to work tomorrow, BOO! Its been so nice not having to live in the real world for the past two weeks. UMM came home to flooding, but I live right on the Mississippi River I knew that was going to happen. Thankfully are house is not in any sort of danger. But we did have to take a couple of detours as MUCH of the way from IL into IA is closed. I some how managed to NOT gain ANY weight while on vacation. I guess all those hot days and walking all over theme parks saved me LOL.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

3 years

Today was Joe and I's 3-year wedding anniversary! We went out to a nice fancy Japanese restaurant and then to a movie and then home. The In-Laws watched the kiddos so we could have a nice relaxing night out. And it was a nice time, for just him and me. We have been so busy with working on the house that we haven't really gotten to spend time together!

Our wedding day June 4, 2005

May 4, 2008


OK so I have been thinking today was Thursday. Well I thought last night was Wed, so we really now have 4 sleeps until vacation LOL. Clearly I want this week to be over NOW!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

4 more sleeps

UNTIL we leave for vacation! We are driving to Maryland for my sister's wedding. She is getting married on the 14th. So we are going to leave the 8th and just do whatever we want along the way. I didn't want to be held down with "we have to drive 4 more hours to our hotel". I want to be able to see a sign for something that looks like it will be fun and pull over and do it! Hoping to meet up with someone I've chatted with for almost 4 years online. She has a son the same age as Aidan and so that would be super fun to get to finally meet them. Oh and its pretty bad when you have to drive to Maryland to see one of your best friends from highschool, when for the past 7 years we have lived within 2 hours of one another. I have seen her several times within the past 7 years but I haven't seen her in 9months. And she is doing her med school in Baltimore.
So if anyone knows some interesting things to do in IL, IN, WV, please drop me a note so I can check it out!

Ten On Tuesday

1.Gas prices (this one was taken from someone else but it really is the biggest one i think)

2. Cell Phones (they were huge and only the rich and famous had them)

3. How easy it is to get a boob job (lol)

4.The internet (pretty sure I used it like 10 times until out of high school)

5. Digital camera (hell I didn't even get one until 3 years ago)

6. Clothing (have you seen how the kids dress now? its not cute)


8. Politics (look who's running for president)(and this is a good change!!)

9. The Price of EVREYTHING (but for our wages!!!)

10. Just about everything else in the world!