Saturday, June 28, 2008

New House

So we went and picked up our jacuzzi tub today. UMM it is larger than the bed of our truck. I can't wait to try it out. Which won't be until end of July I'm sure :( But hey we are getting closer to getting stuff done with the new house. HOWEVER, we still have tons to do. The work on the kitchen should start sometime next week (lets hope). We are really waiting for our kitchen to be done to move in to. I don't cook a ton but I have to have a sink and dishwasher at least LOL. We also ordered the bathroom vanity, mirror, towel cabinet and vanity top. We found the fridge, dishwasher and, microwave we want. We had to leave the story because hubby had to go to work. So we will be spending more gas tomorrow to go up and purchase those items and bringing them home! OH then I am really looking forward to going furniture shopping. We are getting all new living room furniture! And then I have to fill a room that I have no idea what the purpose of that room will be LOL. I mean its off the entry way but its large so its not like I have just put a bench in it. Hubby wants to get a large fish tank and put it in there. So that will at least take up one wall. It is just getting closer and closer to the time that we can move in and it really feel like our home. Then comes the task of selling the home we live in right now. Shouldn't be too hard, there's really nothing in the town that is the price range of this house. Plus I'm sure many people will be looking for new homes because of the flooding. Which by the way is starting to come down!!!!! I know there are people who won't be back to their homes for many months and it breaks my heart. I just hope that they were able to save things like pictures, those types of things that can't ever be replaced. Please keep all those people in your heart during this time!!!

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