Thursday, March 27, 2008

Going to Auntie Erica's

Well I along with both kids went and saw my sister Erica and her kids in North Carolina in Jan. After 15 hours of travel, by plane and delays and then a car ride we arrived. We had so much fun and Aidan and Connor played and fought the whole time. Erica and I didn't even really get to sit around and talk that much. Having 4 kids and 2 adults means busy moms. Bailie is has grown up even more with the last few months. And Aidan just loves her to death! Aidan had a BLAST playing with their little dog. At first he wasn't so sure about it, and ran away from him. But by the end he was wanting to take him home with us. Thanks Erica he's now asking for a puppy all the time. How sad is it that we didn't really get any pictures at all. Just a few here and there. I don't think we got any of Aidan and Connor, they were to busy laughing and trying to share toys. Which is something neither one of them has to do often, poor kids LOL. Considering the time it took us to get there both kids were wonderful. It was Aidan's second time flying and Kayleigh's first. I only got like one or two shots of us on the plane. I sat next to someone who wasn't helpful in the least. So I thought I shouldn't even ask him to take a picture. And after I tried to take pictures of all three of us and he didn't offer I knew he didn't want to help me out. Our trip back was MUCH faster and again the kids were angels!
I'll add the few pictures that I do have later.

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