Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ten On Tuesday

Your Ten Favorite Movie Characters
I'm going to do animated Pixar/Disney Movies
1. Sully -from Monster's Inc.
2. Ariel- from The Little Mermaid
3. Crush- from Finding Nemo
4. Woody- from Toy Story
5. Kronk- from The Emperor's New Groove
6. Tinker Bell- from Peter Pan
7. Genie-from Aladdin
8. Simba (as a cub)- from The Lion King
9. Fish out of Water- from Chicken Little
10. The Dinosaur- from Meet The Robinsons


Melanie said...

damn! i forgot to put genie on my list! he's one of my faves too! too many to choose from... :)

Nina said...

If I had to take a guess you have little ones.

Great list.....I like Woody too. (I have a big kid at home!).

Nina said...

Just wanted to add that I love your template, I almost picked this one whe I was searching for a new one.

Shannon H. said...

Nice list...Pixar/Disney movies ROCK! Even now that my kids are teenagers I still watch those movies. Crush is totally gnarly!

Joyce said...

Hi, Amberleigh,

Our whole family loves Kronk!We love all the Pixar/Disney movies. :P

Thank you for commenting on my blog, too. :)