Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006

We here are the Larkin house had a wonderful Christmas. My mom got to come home and it was so nice to see her and spend this time with her. Both of us waited to do last min. shopping and had a fun time doing that. Aidan too shopped till he dropped. He slept for 2 hours in a Wal-Mart shopping cart while we finished up. On Christmas Eve we opened presents from my side of the family. Aidan got a very cool basketball set from Uncle Scott and Aunt Michelle. Oh and grandma got his very favorite toy this year, Dancing Pablo!!!
On Christmas moring Aidan came running to the living room to find Santa had brought so much for him he didn't know what to do. After being showed that he could open up one present he started in on all of them. He loved his doctor set so much he wouldn't let go of it to open more presents. Later in the morning Joe's parents came over and Joe and I got a new computer desk. And I got maternity clothes! Grandma and Grandpa started a 529 savings plan for him.
Aidan played and played all day long with all his new toys. He loved his kitchen set. Oh and he fixed everything in the house with his Mr. Goodwrench set! You know a hammer can fix it all:)

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