Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ultrasound Pictures

On Wed. the 27th Joe and I went for our ultrasound for this baby. It was very fun to see it moving all about. (if you want an unborn baby to be active drink lots and lots of orange juice!) It had it's head way down low and it's butt up in the air laying face down. It was hard to see the face but we got a few good shots. Everything looks good. And our due date is still the same, May 10th 2007.

Here is a pic of the babie's profile

Oh and just if you don't get the picture we are going to be having a girl!!!


Anonymous said...

Amber, Joe, and Aidan,
I couldn't be happier for all of you! A baby girl! How wonderful is that! I am so excited to come home and see all of you! Have you thought of names yet? Congratulations again! Love you all. Aunt Jenny

Jenn said...

Amber, Congrats on the GIRL, how exciting.

Alexis said...

What an awesome u/s picture, it is so clear! Congrats on joining the PINK team!!