Friday, April 13, 2007


Joe and I wanted to be able to take Aidan to the Zoo down in St. Louis before the baby came. And so we did. It was a lot of fun. Tiring but fun, we started our day out at 4am leaving here on Sunday. Aidan woke up at 5am and was awake until 3pm. You'll see how he ended his day at the zoo! He loved seeing all the animals as he is in love with every animal there is and knows what each and everyone of them says. Not only did we do the zoo we also went to Chucky Cheese that night. And then stayed over and went to the science center the next day. They had a huge T-Rex there Aidan just loved. And he loved running from thing to thing in there. Well he loves to just run around as he has the attention span of a fly.

Just a great picture of Aidan. These are very few and far now a days.

Daddy and Aidan milking a cow. We were at the science center.

But mom I don't want to be a construction worker.

Mommy and Aidan in Hannible

Daddy and Aidan playing at Chucky Cheese

Aidan not so much liking this game LOL

Aidan playing at Chucky Cheese

The bears being feed.

The garaffers were coming up and eating out of peoples hands. Aidan really loved them!

You can't see the bear but that is what Aidan is watching. Oh and growling at!!!

Daddy and Aidan.

Mommy and Aidan

Aidan so tired feel asleep while eating at the zoo.


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Alexis said...

Looks like you all had a great time! You don't even look like you are about to have a baby any week now.