Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Feast

So I haven't done a Friday Feast since the first time I did one (it was a while back). So I thought I would do it again. And happens again? The host is gone again, how strange is that? So I am using Tina's guestions. So here it goes

Appetizer: Wii, Playstation or XBox? Umm unless you've been living under a rock you have to know that Wii is the best ever! We got one back in Jan and love it so much. I would love to get the Wii Fitness Game. I'll wait until we move because who am I kidding I don't have time for that right now.
Soup: Would you ever go skydiving?
You know I think I would. I have always wanted to do it, and even though I have kids and I feel as if it would be an pretty big risk. Isn't that what life is all about?
Salad: Name a sequel that you think is better than the original movie.
Oh my I have no idea.
Main Course: Share your most wonderful birthday celebration.
I would have to say when I turned 7 and had my birthday in a caboose of a train! It was the coolest thing to do at the time and I got to do it:)
Dessert: If you dare, post a picture of yourself making a silly face.
Being silling on our St. Louis trip

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My Goodness said...

Great job!! We just got the Fit game and tried it for the first time so far!

Your birthday memory sounds so great!

Yay a silly picture...couldn't get many people to do that one!

Thanks so much for doing my feast!
have a great weekend!