Friday, May 23, 2008

I am so proud of myself

Ok so I am a normal woman and I gained some weight when I was preggo. And like a lot of other normal women it didn't just melt off 20mins after giving birth. In my case most of it stuck around for 3.5 years (due to me being lazy about it). But something amazing happened last night. I went and bought jeans in SINGLE digits!!!!! Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the size I got were 7/8's. I haven't worn that size for like 4-5 years. I have worked hard to get where I am now. I still have some ways to go but I want to shout this from the roof tops (my key board is that for me right now as my neighbors might call the cops if I were to do something like that LOL)
This is also a YOU CAN DO IT to every person out there who is on this same bumpy, hilly, happy, upsetting road that I am on. I had times where I wasn't losing any weight and I got upset at myself about that. But I was able to get back up and get going. For my total goal weight I need to loose another 18lbs to go. I'm sure at that point I'll set another goal for myself but right now when I get to that point you'll all know it :)


Mommy Goggles said...

Hey girl! You won the PB Loco Peanut Butter from Mommy! Please email me your mailing address/information so that I can get it to the company. Email me before Monday to claim your prize!


Leslie said...

Great work love!!!

Gina said...

CONGRATS!! Great work, so tell me, whats the secret??

I really want to get moving on this weight loss, but I just find so many reasons NOT to do it.