Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beautiful Day

It was a perfect day in Iowa! In the mid 60's with NO major wind. I live right on the Mississipi River so we get a lot of wind. We spent pretty much all day outside, jumping on the trampoline, Aidan learning how to ride his bike, playing on the swingset. The only downer was, we went for a family bike ride, and the trailer that the kiddo's sit in got a flat tire from something. So Joe will have to take it to get fixed. We had only been riding for like 15mins so BOO! But we came home had dinner, THEN took Aidan and Kayleigh fishing for the first time. Well really just Aidan fished but Kayleigh went along of course. We had found a great little pole for him the other week, it was so cute! He did really well with it and he was so excited to try it out. Not to mention when we were driving around the lake he got to sit in the bed of the truck with me. I love how the smallest things mean the world to him! We didn't catch any fish, don't even think we had a bite but oh well there's always next time.

Here's my bad mommy moment! We all got sunburned, well Kayleigh did NOT because she was sleeping in the house during the time Joe, Aidan and myself did. Its on the back of our forearms. I feel so bad, Aidan has never gotten burnt before and was wanting to keep it that way for a long long long time. I just didn't even think about it at all. I'm sure his little arms hurt, because mine sure do. We put some aloe on it and some meds, so hopfully it won't cause him too much pain!!!

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Mommy Cracked said...

Aww, don't feel too bad about the sunburn. I forget about that all the time. I'm the only one that burns, though. Anyway...I thought it was so cool that you live on the Mississippi. I live 20 miles from the MS Mississippi. Have you guys had any flooding?