Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sweet Sweet boy

So Aidan is a trip I tell you this much. He is always on the go and gets into a lot of trouble. Most of the time he isn't doing it to be bad I just feel he has no impulse control. Something we have been working on for some time. Well like I said in an earlier post today (tuesday) I woke up feeling like total poo. Well we were getting ready because I still had stuff to do, and Aidan was running around and not listening. So here is a conversation that we had after I told him I was sick.
Me: Aidan can you please come over here and put your shoes on. Mommy is sick and I don't feel well.
Aidan: OH sorry mommy. Mommy you sick?
Me: Yes Aidan I am sick and dont' feel good.
Aidan: Mommy you need to drink water, then you feel better.
Me: I need to drink some water to feel better.
Aidan: Yes, you drink water then you feel better, I get mommy some water.
Then he goes into the kitchen askes for a glass of water so I get it for him. Then he turns around and says.
Aidan: Here mommy, you drink and be all better.
Then he leans over and kisses me. Even though his very hard to deal with at times, he is truely a sweet sweet child. And means well and loves just about everyone. I couldn't ask for anything more!!!

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Heather said...

That's soooo sweet! Aww what a cute little boy!