Wednesday, April 09, 2008

House inspection

OK so we got to read all about the house inspection today. Mind you it cost almost $300 for someone to go through and say well this is good and this is bad. I want that job! Anyways, most of the stuff is good. Somethings are ok and a couple of things are alike UMM do we want to buy the house still. Some of the electric is the oldest kind you can have. NOT A GOOD THING! Oh and the idiots who lived there vented a dryer down into the basement and put a sock over it to catch the lint. HELLO how stupid do you have to be to NOT know you are putting a TON of mostiture into your basement. That washer and dryer was going to be taken out anyways but still. This post is mostly me just thinking out loud so if it doesn't make sence well its not suppose to!

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TorAa said...

Take it as a kind of "insurance" or "Safety".