Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Busy busy weekend

Ok so this last weekend was a very busy one for us. On Sat one of Joe's friends from highschool got married so we went to the wedding. Lots of fun, great time! And from the wedding to the reception we BOUGHT A HOUSE! We have been looking for maybe a month, and had found one we really liked. Kinda waiting it out the house had been on the market for over a year so its not like it was really going to go anywhere. And our realitor was going out of town, she happens to be the sellers realitor as well. We got a GREAT price on it, and I can't wait until we close so we can get in there and make it our own!!!! Then on Sunday we played outside all day long. We even went and got DH a bike and a trailer for the kids to ride in. Then we came home got all that set up and went for a great family bike ride! OH HOW I LOVE SPRING!!!! Then on Monday we had to return to some of the store and take some stuff back. We had gotten some new curtains for the windows in the kitchen (we've lived here for almost 5 years with cows on the curtains lol) and they just didn't do it. And got some other things, such as totes and packing stuff. We have WAY too much stuff! Today (tuesday) sucked a big one. I woke up feeling like someone had tried to kill me in my sleep. Some good drugs and my 7pm I was feeling better. But it rained all day long no stop. I didn't see the sun until 6:30pm :( The house was inspected today and we'll read all about that tomorrow. Nothing wrong was found so thats a plus but we don't know the full details of what the inspector had to say yet. Hoping I wake up feeling MUCH better tomorrow so that I can actually start putting stuff into the totes and boxes!!!

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