Tuesday, April 08, 2008

MMM new food

So Kayleigh is a great eater, she sees foods and wants it! Some new things she has tried are, apples (brother left it in the living room, and mom (me) knew she was being too quite so I go in and see her holding the apple and just munching away on it. She got very mad when I took it away. So daddy held her and let her eat some more of it.

Then while at Wally World I was getting more baby food and saw these things from Gerber called "Yogurt Melts". I had never seen nor heard about them. So I got them to see if they would work for Kayleigh. OMG she LOVES them, so does Aidan. They were a touch big but we just split them in half and she went to town. She likes the puffs and all but just LOVED these Gerber "Yogurt Melts". To me they kinda tasted like freeze dried yogurt but thats great for a baby. She is always eating my yogurt (yes she's not a year old and is still living, its just amazing I know it LOL). I couldn't find a picture of them anywhere but they are in the resealable bag kinda like the Gerber "Mini Fruits, or Veggies". However, it will say on there Yogurt Melts, we got the Mixed Berries kind, because well thats all they had.

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